Hudson Valley musicians, scientists, artists and poets celebrate the cicada

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They’re here, in their billions: the bug-eyed monsters (or rather, monster-eyed bugs), invaders from a strange world beneath our own. If you live in one of the pockets of territory paralleling the Appalachian Mountain chain where Brood II of Magicicada Septendecim, the 17-year cicada, makes its nurseries, you don’t need me to tell you that by now. And you may be a little weirded out, as the long intervals between mass emergences from the soil of these large, noisy insects do not give us humans much of a chance to get used to the idea. Some folks even get a little panicky, associating the poor innocent arthropods – who eat exactly nothing during their brief sojourn aboveground – with crop-consuming locust swarms of Biblical proportions, and demand to know what can be done to “control” them.
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