Falcon or phoenix?

Marlboro music venue plans replacement for deck destroyed by hurricane

by Crispin Kott
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Photo of Tony Falco by Jim Rice
Photo of Tony Falco by Jim Rice
With so many heartbreaking stories of damage and loss following Hurricane Irene’s visit to the Hudson Valley, it’s at least a little inspiring to hear about what has happened at the Falcon, Marlboro’s celebrated live music spot. While it’s true that the Falcon’s popular lower deck was swept away by raging waters, owner Tony Falco said that he knows that it could have been much worse. “It didn’t stop any shows from going forward,” he said, adding as the one exception the day that Irene hit. “We had to cancel a show on Sunday, of course.”

Falco said that the damage has actually helped him see the Falcon in a whole new light. He has plans to rebuild the deck, only with a slight modification that he hopes will result in its survival the next time that a storm rolls through. “I’m going to rebuild it in a different format,” Falco said. “I’m going to make it like a boardwalk format so water can pass under it. I’ve seen how hard it is to keep this water back. We have a waterfall on the property, which is beautiful. But it became a roaring monster in the hurricane.”

The storm also washed out four of the property’s roughly 80 parking spaces, as well as some landscaping. Of the latter, Falco said that the storm revealed a beautiful rock surface that he plans to incorporate in future landscaping rather than covering up.

Falco said that he’s grateful that the performances and dining can continue at the Falcon uninterrupted, and that’s ultimately what he hopes to see in the future as he serves a community that he knows is grateful for what he does. “I had an outpouring of people who wanted to help,” he said. “A lot of musicians and other people offered to do a benefit, but I really don’t need one. Come out to shows and have dinner.”

The Falcon is located at 1348 Route 9W in Marlboro. For show listings, reservations and more information, call (845) 236-7970 or log on to


Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck sustains substantial ground-floor damage in hurricane

While Hurricane Irene’s power was felt in different ways by many different people, the Center for Performing Arts at Rhinebeck was hit right in the nerve center. A creek running through the property on which the theatre sits overflowed in the early afternoon during the storm, sending a torrent of water across the parking lot and into the basement.

For those of you who think of a basement as a place to store holiday decorations or old tax returns, the basement at the Center was its nerve center, containing dressing rooms, a studio, a classroom and a variety of rooms that housed the mechanics for much of what went on upstairs in the theatre. According to an eyewitness, one could see costumes floating on the surface of four feet of water through the window. While it is still unknown exactly how much damage was done by the water, the Center canceled all performances through Labor Day weekend, with the possibility of having to stay dark for an unspecified time into the future.

“Pumping has begun, and we will soon find out the extent of repairs that lie ahead before we can get back to doing what we love and continue on our mission to bring quality theater to Rhinebeck and the communities of the Hudson Valley,” said Heather Brower, the Center’s Director of Community Relations. “We know that with the support of our community, we will struggle through this great tragedy and once again flourish.”

Visit for more information.

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Rain delay

Maverick extends season for Leonard Bernstein tribute & pianist Ilya Yakushev

For a music fan, taking in a show at an open-air venue, surrounded by natural beauty on a warm summer night, is one of life’s great pleasures – that is, when the weather cooperates. That’s why when Maverick Concerts music director Alexander Platt sums up the success of the 2011 season thus far, he has to consider more than the performances. “Our season, I think, like a lot of summer music institutions, was at the mercy of outside events this year,” said Platt.

A remarkably rainy August closed with a tropical storm, which happened to strike during one of the best weekends for outdoor entertainment. But there was a silver lining for the venerable Woodstock venue: though it lost power, the hall was “miraculously unscathed,” said Platt.

As a result, the season, which was due to end the first weekend in September, has been extended by one week. Two performances, each washed out in the last two respective weekends, will be held September 10-11.

On Saturday, September 10 at 5 p.m., the Shanghai String Quartet – with pianist Joel Fan – will perform the final show in a season-long tribute to Leonard Bernstein. Titled Leonard Bernstein and Friends IV: American Romantics, the show will include “Three Meditations from Mass” for cello and piano, and will also feature music by Beethoven and Arthur Foote, an American Romantic composer. According to Platt, Foote is one among a group that has yet to receive the same reverence as the Romantic painters of the era.

Then, on Sunday, September 11 at 4 p.m., pianist Ilya Yakushev will make his Maverick debut with The Virtuoso Composer, featuring works by Bach, Prokofiev and Liszt. Platt is optimistic that the weather will be nice. “We have a really fabulous weekend this weekend,” he said. “As the weather looks like it’s going to be lovely again, I’m looking forward to a successful last weekend.”

Reserved seating and general admission tickets are available at

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