Local History
Nights of the living, days of the dead

Mid-Hudson towns offer plenty to do during Halloween season

As autumn wanes and the nights lengthen, the Witches’ New Year draws nigh and the veil between the realms of the living and the dead grows thinner. Unless you are blessed with the Second Sight, you...

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The Redcoats are coming!

Burning of Kingston reenacted this weekend

If you visit Uptown Kingston on the afternoon of Sunday, October 16, you may find yourself caught in a melee between rifle-toting Colonial bluecoats and British redcoats. No, it’s not that the resi...

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Built to last

Brick collectors’ website sheds light on historic Hudson Valley industry

A century ago, New York was a city primarily built of bricks, many of which were manufactured on the banks of the Hudson River, which was lined with massive brickworks from Little Ferry, New Jersey...

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Gentlemen farmers

Hudson River Heritage’s Country Seats Tour targets historic farmsteads in Dutchess & Columbia

The Hudson River landscape was the inspiration for the Romantic vision manifested in the works of painters, architects and landscape architects in the mid-19th century, its embowered picturesque es...

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Something old, something blue

Free Kingston Historic Bluestone Festival returns to The Strand

Way back in the Devonian Period of the Paleozoic Era, about 350 million years ago, when the lobe-finned fishes were beginning to evolve legs, a mountain range now known as the Acadians or Ancestral...

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From the Rhineland to Rhinebeck

“Let’s Go Deutsch” celebrates German settlers’ heritage at Palatine Farmstead this Saturday

This Saturday, September 24, the Palatine Farmstead in Rhinebeck – a historic restoration-in-progress being accomplished under the auspices of the Quitman Preservation organization – will be hostin...

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Furnishing links with history

Fred J. Johnston House is a gem in Uptown Kingston

When Fred J. Johnston started collecting 18th- and early 19th-century furnishings and decorative arts for the eight-room Federal-style house that he first rescued from oblivion in 1937, no one – le...

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Learnéd ladies

Vassar offers free lecture series on history of women’s education in America

Maybe like me, you have a yen to go back to school. The intensity of attending college lectures and seminars represents an appealing antidote to the haphazard learning that happens on one’s own (in...

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Far from Vitebsk

“Chagall in High Falls” exhibit opens this Saturday at D & H Canal Museum

It has become common knowledge that the great Modernist painter Marc Chagall lived in High Falls, the silhouette of Mohonk above the fields stretching out from the simple farmhouse that he rented, ...

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Stickley situation

Famed furnituremaking family left footprints across New York State and northern New Jersey

If money were no object – if I were to win a large prize in a lottery, for example – I would live in a Craftsman-style house, entirely filled and decorated with Arts and Crafts-style furnishings. A...

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