Essential Tools for Survival Kits
by LazerBrite
 Outdoor Recreation and Safety
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Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. Bad weather can cause a blackout, or flooding. Cars can get stranded on the side of the road. People can get lost and injured. With all of these potential situations in mind, it is important to be as prepared as possible. One of the best ways to stay prepared for any emergency is to have a 72-hour kit, or an emergency survival kit. It is a good idea to have one both in the home and in one’s car, just to cover all the bases. Survival kits need to sustain you and your loved ones, so it is important to have as much as you can. Here is a list of vital tools and items for every 72-hour kit.

1.     Food and Water. The golden rule is to have one gallon of water per person per day. For food, have enough non-perishable food to last for at least three days.

2.     Glowsticks, or some other kind of LED flashlight. In particular, some kind of durable glow stick is the best choice, as it will last rough handling and weather.

3.     First Aid and medications. This includes bandages, gauze, and personal medications. If someone has asthma, for example, it is important to have any inhalers or other medication they might need.  

4.     Extra clothes and blankets. Having extra clothing and blankets can be invaluable in cold and wet conditions, so make sure to have plenty. Things like socks in particular can be a big help by keeping the extremities warm.

5.     Personal Hygiene items (moist towelettes, tampons, toilet paper, garbage bags)

With these items, you and your family will be far more prepared for any situation that may arise. 

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