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One of my clients said to me, "I don't want to feel like I'm at the doctors office when I exercise."  It was her nice way of telling me to lighten up and create a positive experience for her.  In my experience, thats what really gets people the best results.  Its about an experience, and thats precisely what the Hudson Valley is in need of.  

Health clubs have their hands full trying to delicate classes within the price of their memberships.  But there is a whole community out there, trails, beaches, water fronts, local hiking and other resources that could be used by those who don't prefer to attend gyms.   And what about all those empty office suites in town.  The health department may have access to the funding needed to turn some of those into a branch of high quality fitness facilities.  

I remember when the women's health expo took place in the offices on Enterprise drive.  But now the building is almost completely vacant and needing a purpose.  Why not health?  Specifically health clinics, classes, literature resources, personal training internships, distance learning opportunities, fitness testing, nutrition assessments, and other forms of health therapy.

Some of my clients spend thousands of dollars to leave the Hudson Valley for programs such as Pritikin, which could cost starting at $5,300 just for one week!  And to think that that money could be going into the budget of a local business, providing for a local practitioner, who will then re-invest the money in our own community.  

Health clubs have done well, but the statistics tell me that we have to get more radical in the face of obesity, inactivity, diabetes, aging, and other illnesses.  Its a two fold responsibility between us (practitioners) and us (the community).  My specific proposal is to access grant money and put up small fitness centers throughout our townships. That includes, Woodstock, Stone Ridge, Kingston, Red Hook, Rhine beck, Saugerties, and the surrounding areas. 

We've got to update our fitness facilities, get people certified, sponsor community fitness projects, and publicize our results.  It works every time!  So with that, I volunteer to help administrate all the above.  And with a little time, support, motivation, and money, we can turn the Hudson Valley around...One step at a time.  

What are your thoughts about obtaining funding for these kind of projects?  Is this something you would support or participate in?

Thanks for reading my post

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